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Why a Proworks Personalised Water Bottle?

diciembre 21, 2023 3 lectura mínima

Why a Proworks Personalised Water Bottle?

If you’re looking for a personalised water bottle you’ve probably already realised there’s way more options than you expected. Do you want to buy from this brand or that one. Do you want 1 or 100. Do you want your name engraving OR do you want to choose from a range of different fonts AND colours… Oh, that last one is new, well welcome to how we personalise here at Proworks.

Already like the sound of this and want to go shopping?

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Click here to see our water bottles which can be customised with personalisation

Still reading, ok, well we saw a gap in the market and jumped into it. With our stand out from the crowd options meaning you can create something which is much more unique than a small few letters of engraving. We want our water bottle to have personalisation with character and fun. So with that in mind we got our team working and testing until it clicked.

proworks gen 2 personalised water bottle

What we present now is the option to fully personalise any of our Original or Gen 2 water bottles. To start with we give you the option of 16 different colour fonts, why so many? We’ve got a lot of different colour bottles, meaning you can create some amazingly unique and funky customised combinations. Or you can create a fly under the radar subtle mix. We then also give you the option of what font you want using. We’ve gathered over 20 for you to pick from, we’ve included clever cursive and lots of unique fonts to truly give you a one off drink bottle.

proworks original personalised water bottles

What does this combination give you? It gives you a fully customisable drinking bottle with options. Options to get something that no other kids will have, something to make your bottle stand out from all the others, a gift that you can present to someone knowing you’re handing over a custom one of a kind gift.

So as a little summary, how easy is it to personalise our water bottles? It's as easy as...

1) Find your favourite colour in the best size
2) Say yes to personalisation
3) Enter your name, phrase, quote or any text
4) Pick a font colour that's just the right style
5) Buy & wait for the delivery

Just as an FYI, if you don’t know about our bottles here’s a little run down.

Our Original features a screw top design whereas our Gen 2 features a flip top straw. Each one comes in a range of colours & sizes,our Original can be seen in 350ml, 500ml, 750ml & 1 litre. Whereas our Gen 2 is availble in 540ml & 1L. They’re both created with an insulated stainless steel metal design with vacuum insulation, what does this mean? It means they’re feature a double vacuum wall to keep your drinks hot or cold for longer.

We’re proud of our designs and they’re amazing no matter the location, they make the perfect sports bottle, gym accessory, they’re amazing to have at your office work desk or a handy friend to relax at home with while on the sofa. With the range of features and colours they’re ideal for anyone, including a childrens school bottle with the added name to stop any confusion.

proworks drinking water bottle range

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