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Beth Leedham | Testimonial

Bethany Leedham

My journey with Proworks started as they saw my design through my Instagram page and the conversation started from there. This has led to an incredible relationship with the team at Proworks & I have gone on to create 5 different designs for their bottles, alongside social media graphics and website banners.

Working with Proworks has honestly been the most incredible experience & it has grown me so much as a designer. I am so thankful for the platform that social media gives us to make these incredible connections. During the whole process, from the idea stages of design through to the end design being sold, every single one of the team have been so friendly, communicative, helpful and encouraging. I have had a real close working relationship with the key people within the Proworks team & I have really felt part of the team. They have really taken my ideas on board and been open to new possibilities. I also love how each and every individual within the team are so passionate about the brand.

How it Works?

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Will it cost me?
No, submitting designs to our team is completely free.

How many can I submit?
We’d ask for a maximum of 5 designs until the approval process is complete. Once approved additional designs can be submitted.

How much can I earn?
You earn an ongoing commission based on sales value (minus VAT) at a rate of 10%.

Here’s an example on moderate sales, this could be even bigger! E.g. A 1 Litre bottle sells for £30, minus VAT this equals £25, you will earn 10% of this which would be £2.50. That’s for every sale your design ever gets! So 5 designs selling 100 each per month would earn you £1,250. Repeat those sales for 12 months and you’ll earn £15,000 a year, from home! We currently have designs that sell vastly more than this example, so there’s unlimited potential for earnings.

Do I still own my design?
Yes. You will keep full ownership of your designs and are free to use them however you want.