Becky Starsmore

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Growing up on the south coast of the UK, I spent my childhood exploring the endless beaches and countryside that I was lucky enough to call my home. This love of nature has translated into my design work, and I am forever inspired by the beauty I see around me.

I have always been a keen artist, and after studying Graphic Design & Photography at University, I spent several years working as a commercial photographer, designer and illustrator. I discovered a love for pattern design a few years ago, and it tied together all my creative passions.

I carry my camera with me everywhere, exploring the great outdoors, and taking endless photographs of plants, flowers and any other beautiful sight that nature throws my way. These are the inspiration for my illustrations, which I then build into patterns and prints.

I have a heavy emphasis on flowing shapes within my designs; an attempted reflection of the organic lines and perfect chaos of the natural world.

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