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Design a Bottle Competition T&Cs

July 10, 2020 2 min read

Design a Bottle Competition T&Cs

Proworks Fitness - Design a Bottle Competition - Terms and Condition

When does the contest run?

The competition will begin on Friday July 3rd 2020 and will run until August 1st 2020.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to all ages and locations, however if the chosen creator is under the age of eighteen (18), they will be asked to provide consent from a parent or legal guardian.

Submitted Design

The design submitted by the creator must be original and their own. It must not contain any copyrighted material other than the Proworks Logo.

What is the prize?

The prize is a payment of £500, the creator will also receive an affiliate link which will allow them to earn on-going commission on website sales that take places on, these sales must come through their affiliate URL.

The creators design will be featured in a number of campaigns, including social media advertising and website promotion. Their name will be featured on these materials to give added exposure to the creator.


The creator will retain ownership of their design, giving us, Proworks Fitness, the non-exclusive rights to sell and distribute their design on water bottles.

Once the competition has closed, the creator will grant Proworks Fitness full license to use, promote, market and otherwise utilize the design in all forms of media, now known or hereafter devised.

How to Enter

To enter the competition the creator must submit their design with an Instagram post, using the hashtag, #ProCreators and tagging @ProworkBottles.

For the .jpg template, click here.
For the .ai template, click here.

Winner Selection

The winning design will be selected by a panel of Proworks employees from the entries provided. Thank you for entering and Good Luck! 😊