Proworks Co-Brand Water Bottles Ideal for Employees or Customers

For Your Employees

Proworks Bottles give you a smarter, greener way to boost brand awareness and wow your customers and staff. Stylishly displaying your logo, these personalised reusable bottles are ideal for live event and conference giveaways, loyalty programme rewards, sign-up incentives and as personalised rewards for long-standing clients. They are also perfect for resale.

Proworks Co-Brand Water Bottles Ideal for Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Forget throwaway promotions and give your customers and staff something they will actually love! Perfect for the commute, the gym, for storing in your bag or displaying on your desk, it’s the type of item your target audience can put to work, all day long. These bottles also make excellent eco-friendly alternatives to plastic cups for your meeting rooms and kitchen.

Proworks Co-Brand Water Bottles Ideal for Your School

For Your School

The average person in the UK uses 150 plastic water bottles each year. Suitable for staff and students alike, Proworks reusable bottles are ideal for schools and colleges looking for practical ways to reduce their plastic waste footprint and to teach environmental responsibility. With your school crest prominently displayed on each bottle, they are also perfect as promotional items for open days.

Proworks Co-Brand Water Bottles Ideal for Your Club

For Your Club

Looking for a practical, original addition to your team kit bag? Then why not get your club badge and/or your sponsor’s logo printed on a personalised bottle for each club member. These stylish reusable bottles can also make fantastic additions to your club shop catalogue inventory. Tough, leak-proof and made to last, Proworks Bottles are loved by athletes, supporters and sponsors alike.

Water Bottles with Your Logo

Beautiful, practical and eco-friendly, Proworks Bottles make a lasting impression on the people who matter. Customised with the name, logo or image of your choice, our UK team uses premium reproduction technology to embed your design into the surface of the bottle, so colours are brighter, lines are sharper – and your image stays looking its very best.

Proworks Co-Brand Water Bottles
Proworks Co-Brand Water Bottles Minimum Order Quantity 30 Pieces

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity per colour or per size is 30 pieces.

Proworks Co-Brand Water Bottles 10 Day Delivery

Production Time and Delivery

10 days from pro forma payment and final approval. Delivery is free to UK and Europe.

Proworks Co-Brand Water Bottles Discounts Available


Discounts are available for orders over 300 units. Please get in touch for more information.