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Should You Wear Makeup to the Gym? All Your Beauty Questions Answered!

April 18, 2019 4 min read

A Collection of Make Up for the Gym
Woman Exercising in the Gym with Perfect Skin

Hit the gym on a regular basis and you can expect a brighter complexion, reduced under-eye puffiness, and even an improved appearance of your acne. But it’s not time to celebrate just yet, as skipping skin TLC before and after the gym can quickly see those sweaty workout sessions leading to a full-on breakout.

Here’s all you need to know…

1. Should I Remove Makeup Before Exercise?

Mascara and lip make-up - no. Foundation, concealer and so on - yes, absolutely. Heat, sweat and a layer of make-up doesn’t tend to be a good mix, and can lead to spots and other skin problems. Before you so much as lift a weight, be sure to cleanse with a mild cleanser, followed by an alcohol-free toner. Finish up with an oil-free lotion.

A Collection of Make Up Powders for the Gym

2. I Always Need Some Coverage. What Types of Makeup Products Can I Use?

From dark circles to spots that just won’t quit, if you feel the need to have just a little coverage for gym time, there are products out there to help. Again, you should always opt for oil-free products and ideally keep it light with tinted moisturiser (there are also tinted sunscreen moisturisers if you want to work out in the Great Outdoors). If you want a little colour on your cheeks, always use powder that features zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Combined, these ingredients are highly water-resistant.

3. What Sort of Cleanser Should I Use Before Working Out?

You’ll definitely want it to be oil-free (as heavy, oil-laden products can create a layer under which sweat becomes trapped and pores quickly become clogged).

4. Should I Wash My Face After a Workout?

Yes, yes and yes. After every session you should start with a splash of water, then use a gentle cleanser to wipe away any dead skin cells and bacteria. If you can’t wash and/or cleanse your face immediately after working out, use a facial wipe with salicylic acid. This will tackle any dirt and help reduce the chance of a breakout or inflammation.

5. Do I Need to Drink Water Before and After My Work Out?

Yes - before, during AND after. However, while your skin relies heavily on water intake, research shows that it’s far more important to pick (and use) the right moisturisers for your skin.

A Woman with Great Skin Working Out in the Gym

6. Should I Use Moisturiser for Working Out?

There are no hard and fast rules here, except for when exercising outside. If you’re taking to the park or pavements, consider a slick of light moisturiser with a high SPF factor to protect your skin from sun damage. This applies in the winter too, as this sunlight can and does still age and damage your skin.

7. I’m Faced with a Small Breakout After the Odd Workout, What Can I Do?

If you’re only dealing with the odd spot, try a tea tree oil stick. Tea tree oil has anti-microbial properties, which are shown to kill acne-causing bacteria.

8. What Is ‘Runner’s Face’ and How Do I Avoid It?

Be afraid, be very afraid. Apparently running can make your face sag. Google this term and you’ll find all sorts of explanations as to why ‘Runner’s Face’ can happen. From the bouncing up and down of every step, to the fact that running burns off fat from under the skin, leaving it all saggy and sad.

Terrifying, right? It would be, if only it were true. While pro runners can reach a state of leanness that makes their face appear hollow, the expert verdict from top dermatologists is clear - Runner’s Face is a myth. In fact, new research suggests that exercise (HIIT in particular) is the best step you can take when it comes to anti-aging, as it protects your DNA. More specifically, it boosts the length and activity of something called telomerase, which can otherwise deteriorate with age, leaving skin cells prone to damage.

9. Can the Bacteria in the Gym Really Harm My Skin?

Sorry, but yes. You’ll want to avoid touching your face while in the gym as your hands can pick up all sorts of nasty bacteria from the equipment. Urgh!

10. Are There Any Magical Products out There That Will Calm My Post-Workout, Tomato-Red Face?

We wouldn’t say magical, as such, but products with ingredients such as white tea, sea whip, azulene and chamomile can give your hard-worked capillaries a helping hand.

If you work out at home, try a gel-based mask which can cool and calm the skin (and store it in the refrigerator for an even icier cool pore-treat).

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