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The Best Fitness and Wellness Apps to Download in 2019

March 08, 2019 4 min read

Woman Using a Smartphone Fitness App

Girl Stretching Before a Run

Can your phone fix your workout? Well maybe not - but there are lots of handy little apps out there to help you keep it fresh.

Covering training, nutrition, inspiration, essential soundtracks and more; here’s a roundup of the health, fitness, and wellbeing apps that are most worthy of space on your mobile.


If you’re one of those people whose New Year resolutions are out the window by the 5th of January, StickK is definitely worth a closer look.

There are tonnes of habit tracking apps out there - but what makes StickK stand out is the concept of the ‘Commitment Contract’. It’s the brainchild of Yale University behavioural economists - and involves making a ‘binding agreement’ with yourself to really get you focused on following through with your intentions.

You can pick any goal you want - from losing a few pounds to saving for your holiday - and the app lets you create a custom Commitment Contract, or else personalise a series of pre-set goals. You can assign a friend or family member (a ‘Referee’) to check that you’re on track - and you can even bet money on yourself to succeed.

Track your progress via weekly reports, post text and images to your Commitment Journal - and get an added support boost from one of the many active StickK communities.


Lose It! App

Lose It!

Lose It! makes it easy to track your meals and your moves for managed weight loss. Set your weight loss goal and the app automatically kits you out with a personalised daily calorie budget and active weight loss plan.

This app is especially good at giving you instant nutritional information. For a start, there’s a food database with 7 million+ foods, restaurant items and brands from across the world. You can also scan barcodes - and even snap pictures of foods to instantly clock them up against your target.

The free version gives you basic calorie & exercise tracking, Wi-Fi scale support, Apple Health and Google Fit Syncing, along with access to the Lose It! community. The premium version unlocks Activity Tracker Support, more detailed Meal Planning and more.


Seconds Pro

Are you down with HIIT yet? High Intensity Interval Training involves multiple bursts of a range of exercises, followed by a prolonged rest period. It’s fast, furious - and can be a smart way of making the most of a short workout window.

With HIIT and other forms of circuit training, timing is everything - and it can be pretty hard to keep track of where you are in the routine. This is where the interval timer app, Seconds Pro can help.

With lots of templates on board, Seconds Pro makes it easy to build advanced timers, tailored to your specific routine, in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve got your timed routine up and running, there’s no need to keep checking your phone - as Seconds Pro tells you out loud what’s up next!

The music integration options on Seconds Pro are pretty cool, too: You can tailor a playlist to the routine, assign songs to intervals, choose to cut out the music completely during your breaks, or shuffle an album throughout the entire timer. The app plays its alerts over the top of your tunes, so you won’t miss a thing!


Down Dog

Exploring YouTube for yoga vids can be fun. That said, it can be frustrating too - especially when you’ve spent 10 minutes watching, only to discover it’s not quite what you were looking for.

Down Dog promises a “brand new yoga practice every time you come to your mat.” Newbies can start with the 3-day Intro to Yoga series. As you move on up, you can focus on 12 different practice areas (e.g. low back, core or aerobic), with the aim of sharpening up a particular area - or else vary your routine by rotating through them all.

Providing access to over 30,000 different configurations, a choice from 7 different yoga voices and dynamic changing music options, this app gives you the opportunity to build a yoga practice for any occasion.


Strava App


A must-have app for connected runners and cyclists, Strava syncs with your device (e.g. your phone or fitness watch) and records just about any performance measurement you can imagine, plus a few exclusive to Strava.

It’s the social element of Strava that really makes it stand out. Record an activity and you can set it to go straight to your Strava feed. Friends and followers can give kudos to awesome performances, leave comments and get involved in a vast range of communities.



To keep you going for that extra mile, the right playlist can make all the difference. This is where RockMyRun comes in: Offering thousands of DJ mixes, specially designed to keep you going.

The idea of Body Driven Music makes this particular app really stand out. You can actually manually adjust the tempo of any RockMyRun station to ensure the music matches your pace or effort level. By using data from your smartphone accelerometer, the app also knows your steps per minute, ensuring the mix tempo is dynamically adjusted. It’s just what you need for helping you hit your stride.


Need an Activity Tracker? We’ve Got Your Back...

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