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8 Must-Have Jogging Accessories

September 02, 2019 4 min read

A Man Jogging Around a Track

A Woman Stretching During a Jogging Workout

When the urge to go jogging is low, there’s nothing quite like some shiny new kit to get you in the right mood. For staying stylish, safe and helping you go the distance, here’s a roundup of some of our favourite running accessories for 2019.

Running Shoes: ON Running Cloudsurfer for Women

Price: £144

Comfy on the feet, hip on the street - it’s easy to see why these runners have picked up glowing reviews. The Cloudsurfer from ON boasts split layer cushioning, consisting of a thin top layer around the midsole, with a second layer between the midsole and crash pods under the heel. As well as being light and ultra-responsive, these trainers score highly in the style stakes, too!

Proworks Fitness No-Tie Laces

Smart Shoe Ties: No-Tie Laces

Price: £4.75

When you’re on the brink of smashing your 5k personal best, the last thing you need is to take a break to re-tie a lace. With this smart little fastening system, you’ll always stay tied up - with no need to slow down.

Super simple to use, you install these elastic laces by threading them through your shoe. When it’s time for a run, slide your foot in, pull the slider for a snug fit - and that’s it! Your lace locks instantly in place - and stays there. With a funky range of colours available, these are also an awesome way of giving an older pair of runners an instant makeover.

Injury Prevention: Knee Sleeve

Price: £3.75

When it comes to knee problems, prevention is most definitely better than cure. Pounding the pavement can take its toll on your joints, resulting in a whole range of problems that can hamper your routine or leave you completely sidelined.

A knee sleeve delivers targeted compression to improve blood flow and reduce the chances of your run being hampered by twinges and swelling. These particular sleeves are especially good for joggers. This is due to 3D one-piece build with no annoying sewing line - along with a moisture-wicking, breathable design.

Targeted Compression: KT Tape

Price: £6.95

Ever noticed a fellow-jogger sporting brightly coloured strips of tape down their legs and wondered what it’s all about? This is kinesiology (KT) tape: Something that a growing number of runners are turning to for pain relief and prevention.

Unlike old-school athletic tape, KT tape is made from a blend of cotton and spandex, with adhesive on the underside, giving it a stretchiness that mimics the elasticity of human skin. For your ankles calves and knees, KT tapes works with your skin to deliver added support for problem areas.

Breathability, water-resistance and ultra-reliable adhesion makes Proworks tape a winning choice for runners.

Night Running: Black Diamond Spot Head Torch

Price: £34.00

Dodgy kerbs and potholes are occupational hazards at any time: even more so once the nights get shorter and visibility worsens. A decent head-mounted lamp illuminates your route - as well as making you clearly visible to traffic.

Black Diamond’s Spot model is ideal for runners. Delivering powerful 300 lumen brightness, this lamp features a precise 80m beam, seven different lighting modes and a maximum burn time of 175 hours. Lightweight and easy to operate, it’s your ultimate night-time jogging companion.

Wireless Sound: Sennheiser CX Sport

Price: £79.95

Armed with your favourite playlist, hours spent jogging just slip away - especially once you ditch that annoying wire!

These in-ear headphones are currently What Hi-Fi’s best-rated sub-£100 Bluetooth wireless earbuds. Highlights include clear and detailed sound, punchy delivery and full-bodied bass. There’s a definite sporty twist too, thanks to a tough yet lightweight build and a sweat and splash-resistant design.

Proworks Leak-Proof Water Bottle

Hydration: Flip-Top Flask

Price: from £6.95

To stay hydrated on your run, experts say you should top up on water every 15 minutes or so. Featuring a push-button flip cap for one-handed opening and an easy-pour spout, this Proworks bottle is carefully designed for you to take regular sips without losing your stride.

A handy lanyard makes it easier to keep a secure hold of the bottle, while a crack-resistant build ensures that if it does hit the deck, your flask stays in one piece.

Get Organised: Running Belt

Price: £7.95

Phone, keys, cash: With such tiny leggings pockets, where are you going to put it all? This is why you need a running belt.

Available in a range of two-tone designs, this fully-adjustable Proworks belt is a particularly stylish example. Waterproof and breathable, it has a main pocket for your phone and a smaller front pouch for keys and cash. It even features a handy eyelet for your headphones cable.

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