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Five Frustrating Things About the Gym We Could Do Without!

May 31, 2019 4 min read

A Man Exercising at the Gym

Woman Exercising at the Gym

Ohhh, that post-gym feel-good vibe just can’t be beaten. It can set you up for the day ahead, kick off your weekend and blast away the stress of the working week. But, it has to be said, gym going isn’t without its pain points (and we’re not talking post-run aches either).

1. Sticky, Sweaty Equipment

Ever get that gym-jel envy of bicep Ben who’s KILLING the weights? Trouble is, along with his exertion comes sweat - queue the crotch impression on the seat of the machine you’re about to use. Urgh. Don’t be like Ben. Wipe the equipment down after you’ve finished with it… please.

Quick gym fix: Pack a handy small microfibre towel into your gym bag for ensuring those handles and seats are squeaky clean if the person before you didn’t have the courtesy to clean up after themselves.

A Sweaty Gym Machine After Use

2. Boredom *Yawn*

Your gym has it all - pumping music, TVs, Sky, you name it. Coupled up with your favourite playlists and you’re all set for buzzing gym sessions. Only after a while, boredom sets in.

Quick gym fix: Music is great, but don’t rely fully on external stimuli alone for keeping your brain engaged along with your glutes. Set long-term goals and break them down into monthly, weekly and daily targets - always strive for the next step - and you’ll always have something to work toward - something to motivate you.

3. Feeling Like It’s Judgement Day, EVERY Gym Day

This one’s a tough one, not least because there are four varied sources of that icky “I’m failing” feeling…

  1. Feeling unconfident
  2. Comparing yourself to others
  3. Feeling as though EVERYONE is judging you
  4. Being CERTAIN you don’t belong here

Quick gym fix: OK, technically there are no quick fixes for this gym issue, but with time the following four pointers will help you gradually overcome your crisis in confidence…

  1. Do your research and put together a planned routine - we mean exercises, rep counts, warm up and cool down. You can gain a boost in confidence by finding some online success stories that are suited to your fitness and skill level, and copying their routine.
  2. We could say that self-comparison is never helpful and to JUST. STOP. DOING. IT. But, let’s face it, if it were that easy you’d overcome it alone. Instead, reframe your thinking. Proactively compare - think about your gym goals and how you can break down that ‘ideal’ body in your mind into stages.
  3. Here’s a truth for you - people go to the gym to get fit (just like you). They don’t invest in a membership, gym kit and give up their spare time to sit around making mental notes of every passing person. And anyway, even if the odd person IS judging you, that says a whole lot more about them than it does you, who’s focused on hitting your fitness goals.
  4. This one’s straightforward - feeling as though you belong simply takes TIME. After a while you’ll start feeling comfortable in your surroundings - you’ll know where everything is, spot a few familiar faces and create a routine that works for you.

4. You Look Like Sheer HELL After Your Workout

Beetroot-red after your gym sesh? Working out might be great for your body, but your hair and skin can sure look angry after sweating it up.

Quick gym fix: Honestly? It doesn’t matter. Be proud of the fact you’ve put in enough effort at the gym to make you look like hell! Have a cool shower and you’ll look great after the fact. That said however, this is such a common gripe that we’ve dedicated an entire blog to it if it’s something that genuinely bothers you: Should You Wear Makeup to the Gym? All Your Beauty Questions Answered!

An Empty, Boring Gym

5. An Absurd Monthly Gym Fee

The typical gym membership comes in at £32 per month. Despite that, 11% say they haven’t been to the gym in the last YEAR.

So the good news is that you actually make use of your membership. Go you.

But what could you actually buy for that princely yearly gym sum of £384?

Quick gym fix: A home gym. Again, this quick fix will take a little while, but here goes - building your home gym has multiple plus points. Like the fact that you can fit in a quick workout in those spare few minutes of a busy day. Like the fact that you can grunt, sweat it up and swear without disturbing other gym goers. And like the fact you don’t have to worry about other people’s sweaty crotch impressions. Win, win, win. While it may seem like £384 won’t get you very far, you’d be surprised - with the exception of big workout machines, you could quite easily flesh out a simple home gym for a lot less than that. And don’t forget! That £384 is every year, so over time you could expand your home gym if you wanted to with new equipment and more.

Get Kitted Out

To help you get started with a home gym - and keep it simple to begin with - here’s a collection of a few essentials that no home gym should be without!

  • Resistance Bands - Perfect for warming up, working your arms, legs, core and butt.
  • Exercise Ball - Be sure to pick the right size for your height. A perfect accessory to supplement many exercises and a great way to work your core.
  • Yoga Mat - No gym, home or otherwise, is complete without a comfortable, anti-slip yoga mat to provide protection and support.

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