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The Home Gym Makeover: 10 Easy Ideas to Try Right Now

April 05, 2019 4 min read

Girl Exercising in a Home Gym

Girl Working Out with Proworks Fitness Accessories in her Home Gym

If the Insta home gym pics of the rich, fit and fabulous leave you feeling deflated; fear not. This blog will walk you through the practicalities of transforming your dreary home gym into a space of maximum functionality and motivation (and you won’t need 2,500 square foot like Mark Wahlberg either).

1. Put Together a Floorplan

It always makes sense to start with a floor plan, but even more so if your home gym has heavy, bulky machines and/or a restricted square footage.

If your home gym space is little more than a box room, you’re going to have to get inventive when it comes to making the most of every inch).

You may also want to review your machine usage before your move around too; could you replace huge, unused machines for more compact ones that you’ll actually use for your fitness routine?

2. Refresh Your Decor

If you’re working with a compact space, you’ll probably want to go with the classic home gym colour of stark white (although a bold colour wall shouldn’t overwhelm the room if the rest of the room is relatively pale).

You can also create an optical illusion of space by adding floor-to-ceiling mirrors (which can come in handy when watching your posture as you lift or your shape as you pull a yoga pose).

Girl Squatting in her Home Gym

3. Fuel Your Fitness Fire

Your home gym should be a space that inspires and drives you forward. We’re talking about things like a solid sound system that can be heard over the churn of a treadmill, motivational quotes and a colourful feature wall with an inset TV.

Adding a visual goal tracker can also serve as a constant reminder as to just how far you’ve come (perfect for pushing for one extra mile or ten more push-ups).

4. Maximise Your Wall Space

Use wall mounts for your kit, add shelves, weight holders and think about installing multi-functional wall balls that can switch up your routine. Everything that can safely and effectively be wall mounted adds more floor space for you to move around in.

5. Light It Up

Keep it light and bright with LED lighting. Ceiling spotlights are the most popular for home- and pro-gyms alike, but these come at the expense of requiring an electrician.

Stand alone LED lamps can be just as bright and powerful, and you could complement these with LED strip-lighting placed around the ceiling coves or floorboards (for a little ambience when calming it down for your Pilates, yoga or cool down).

6. Zone Off

Stay focussed on the task at hand by creating separate zones that fit in with your fitness regime. This could be as simple as a cardio/calm area split. One area could feature your running and rowing machine, the other could be home to your yoga mat, bright and bold Swiss ball and portable screen (for keeping your yoga routine fresh and exciting).

If you’re working with a bit of a budget, you could also separate your zones with suitable flooring, with carpeting in one section and tough, durable cork flooring for the other section - where your big kit and machines are placed.

A Collection of Proworks Fitness Accessories

7. Starting from Scratch? Start Small

Don’t go all out with a blow-out on your credit card if you can’t afford the big-ticket items just yet.

Start small and build your kit up gradually over time. Here are some key items that you may want to consider:

You can read more about how to kit out your home gym for less than £50 here!

8. Keep Cool

The temperature of your home gym can either help or hinder your workout efforts. But not everyone can afford state-of-the-art air con.

Handily enough however there are several cooling options on the market - all for less than £100; like a compact portable air cooler system or the cheaper alternative of a floor fan.

9. Shhhh - Keep It Pumping in the Gym, and Whisper-Quiet Next Door

Prefer to avoid driving your friends, family and neighbours up the wall with a thumping beat that spurs your workout forward, but just irritates them?

Home proofing your gym needn’t demand a thousand-pound budget, floor-to-ceiling wall covering. An extra layer of stud wall MDF with a plaster finish can crank down those decibels considerably.

10. Big Weight Fan? Build It Up, with a Platform

Even the thickest of floor coverings can be obliterated by the larger of weights, so if you’re into your deadlifting you may want to consider building a rubber-filled, wooden platform. This can also help to sound proof your workout environment further.

Now that your gym makeover is complete, go work up some sweat in your spanking new shiny surrounds!

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